1. Do not simply opt for the property broker you happen to bought a home from.

Always think about the property manager who can take care of suburb/council district/city/state that your very first property already exists within.
2. Allow representatives you talk with know that you are talking to other representatives! This is a typical company strategy that works in virtually any type of market. Property management fees Melbourne can vary, so make sure you look at different providers to get the best rates.


Make yourself appear as a person who takes things seriously and who needs a partner to grow the business together. That personality is far better than “I require an individual to care for my area for me.”

Brokers worth their salt will certainly go above and beyond to win your company. You’ll promptly differentiate those brokers that consider you as being “too tough a client” to those that see the capacity in winning your favor.
3. Look closely on qualifications, experience and also referrals.

This is in fact one of the most crucial factors to consider. Check out websites for property managers who have tons of reviews. I’m not timid regarding “tracking” a few of those reviews on Linked In or Facebook, sending them a message that I am an investor and inspecting directly their view of their managing agent. Ask to see referrals or request a listing of costumers they are handling.

property manager taking care of the property
4. Top-notch service is the priority when designating a property manager. No matter your financial investment approach is, and whether it is a short-term or long-term one, we are all in the property investment profession to create cash, so one method to enhance profit margins is to lower your total holding prices.


  1. Look beyond real estate agents.

Real estate companies make the mass of their earnings from commercial sales, not property management. This isn’t the case for some companies though, such as Think Property Co who focus primarily on property management services. Why make business with a company that is not determined to provide excellent management service because its primary revenue does not concentrate on that? Estate representatives often see property management as just an ‘add-on’ to their key earnings stream.
6. Regular inspection as well as occupant/tenant screening.


Make sure that whoever you assign has, in writing, included in the service an assessments/inspection of your house at least twice in a year. Also if the tenant stays in the property for a long time and also takes care of the area, it is necessary for the lessee to recognize that the agent is proactively looking into the building on a regular basis. When it comes to tenant screening process, ask numerous concerns about their procedure of occupant selection and appropriation. Have a copy of their rental application form emailed to you and then examine it. The more detailed the application is, the far better quality of property management it is.