Concrete driveways, despite a level of sealer on them, draw in a large amount of filth and debris. Cleaning each area with a specifically formulated cleanser requires time and also effort. As a choice, you can promptly eliminate most dirt from the surface of your driveway with a compressed air sandblaster.


A sandblaster utilizes air to remove a constant stream of sand at the driveway. By utilizing sand as an abrasive, you can scrub the annoying elements from the concrete, leaving a pristine, clean concrete surface


Here are the things you’ll need:

  • broom
  • lengthy clothes
  • Silica sand
  • Masking tape
  • Working gloves
  • Sandblaster
  • Plastic lining
  • safety goggles


Follow below step-by-step guide to sandblasting the driveway:
Cover any sort of surface areas adjacent the driveway with a plastic sheet to protect them from dust and sand. Protect the plastic in position with masking tape. Wear the safety clothing and tools to shield your eyes and also skin from the sand.

Turn off the valve of the sandblaster and also compressor. Fill up the storage tank of the sandblaster with silica sand and make sure the tank is firmly closed.

Activate the compressor and wait for the pressure to increase between 50 and 80 PSI. Keep the compressor’s setting low to stop the sand from scrubbing a level of concrete away as you clean up the driveway area.

Hold the handle of the sandblaster for about a foot away from you with the nozzle of the stick routed in the direction of the driveway surface area.

Press the trigger of the sandblaster to fire off the silica on the concrete surface area. Make use of a backward and forward movement with the nozzle of the sandblaster to direct the flow of sand throughout the driveway. Keep an eye on the areas of the driveway as the sand clears any kind of filth, oil or surface from the concrete. Change the air pressure upwards for hard to reach areas, but instantly reduce the pressure if it’s striking against the concrete and causing some damages such as light etching.

Move along the driveway and utilize the sand from the sandblaster to get rid of any sort of undesirable materials from the concrete’s surface until you get to the driveway base. Launch the trigger of the sandblaster and clean the area with a push broom. Get rid of the plastic sheet as well as masking tape and debris of the sand.